3D Visualisation and animation services

Show your design, capabilities or plans for the future using interactive 3D visualisations, animations and 360˚ imagery.

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Use today's visual technologies

Display on computers, smartphones or VR heasets to show 360° video and images or fully immersive and interactive 3D virtual worlds

Giving your customers insight to what you can offer them


Virtual tours

Show 360° images around your area or property, ideal for tourism and estate agents.

Landscape flybys

For land management, planning,
events and tourism.

Design demonstrations

Let your customers see 3D demonstrations of your designs before production.

Serious gaming

Developing virtual reality exposure therapy using character animations in virtual environments.

Current work

Dynamic Interactive Navigation for Familiarisation and Desensitisation
Proudly working on iSenseVR with

Friendly Access link SimVis link

With the development of computer graphics on mobile devices, VR has now become accessible to most, making it possible to impact on the life of wider audiences, and more particularly those who are more likely to experience high levels of discrimination, isolation, fear, anxiety, unemployment and poverty.

Through an initiative funded by the European Social Fund and the Social Innovation Fund from the Scottish Government, Friendly Access, Crag3D Ltd and the School of Simulation and Visualisation at The Glasgow School of Art have become pioneers applying gradual sensory exposure in mobile VR to empower people living with hidden disabilities such as autism, learning disabilities and mental health issues to overcome their barriers in an airport environment.

Through a second round of funding, expanding on our airport studies, we now aim to positively impact on the life of those who experience sensory challenges in Job Centres, airplanes and other busy environments. For many, individuals may experience anxiety through uncertainty created by sudden or unexpected sensory variables associated to an environment. This can understandably create significant barriers which may lead to isolation for individuals.

European Social Fund

New visual technologies can help your business

After many years working with digital 3D environments and usability testing in academic and commercial environments, our new compact service produces cutting edge 3D imagery and interactive environments using gaming technologies